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OceanWP WordPress Theme Review

WordPress themes can make or break your website. As opposed to plugins that add specific functionality, WordPress themes form the basis of your website look and feel as well how fast it loads and how well it gets crawled and indexed on search engines. To get a high-quality theme you’d have to spend money on premium themes and even then you may end up with a poorly coded theme. However, one newer theme promises the best of both worlds, starting as a free theme but with the most customizable features of any theme you’ve seen before. That theme is OceanWP. In this post I’ll be doing an OceanWP WordPress theme review.

The OceanWP theme is the most feature-packed WordPress theme available for free within the WordPress theme repository. It has the most customizable set of options allowing you to create any kind of website. There’s also a premium version of the theme that comes with many upgrades that you’ll find very useful. The best part is that you can test it out without committing any of your hard-earned money to it, unlike many premium themes that you have to purchase first before using. Let’s look at why OceanWP has become such a popular WordPress theme by beginners and experts alike.

OceanWP WordPress Theme Review

OceanWP is a multi-purpose theme

OceanWP is a truly multi-purpose theme that allows you to create any kind of website. This is possible because of the detailed customization that you can do to this theme to make it unique to your business or blog. Unlike other free and even premium themes, OceanWP comes with advanced features and customization options that allow you to edit all aspects of your site including header layouts and footer layouts.

OceanWP is equipped with over 30 different demo sites at this time. You can load and start customizing these yourself so you don’t have to start from scratch. You can see what all is possible when you visit the demo page on the OceanWP website. 

OceanWP has great support

Support is an important part of your WordPress theme because issues sometimes come up and you need to reach the theme developer for help. OceanWP support has been really good, earning them a 5-star rating which is very rare especially with free themes and plugins. This says a lot about the commitment that the developers behind OceanWP have placed on customer service and one that you can rely on.

OceanWP Theme Rating

OceanWP Woocommerce integration

If you’re planning to create an online store or you already have one, OceanWP should be your chosen theme to use because it integrates well with Woocommerce. Woocommerce is the leading e-commerce solution for WordPress but many WordPress site owners experience integration issues when setting up Wocommerce on their sites. OceanWP eliminates theme integration issues by doing the heavy lifting for you. OceanWP adds these features to your shopping cart experience:

  • A native shopping cart popup to allow you to capture a visitor’s attention for up-sells and cross-promotions.
  • A floating Add To Cart bar so that the button is always visible and the customer doesn’t have to look for it.
  • A quick-view popup that lets a customer quickly see the details of a product.

OceanWP integrates with major page builders

Whatever page builder you’re using now, chances are good that OceanWP will integrate well with it. This includes Elementor, Brizy, Visual Composer, Divi, Beaver Builder, Site Origin and more. This is good news for you because it means that you won’t be forced to edit all your pages using a new site builder.

OceanWP Supported Builders

OceanWP extensions

Everything we’ve looked at up to this point is covered under the free package. OceanWP extensions add specific functionality to your website so you can further customize the user experience on your website. You can purchase these extensions individually or as a bundle for even more savings.

OceanWP Extensions

OceanWP WordPress Theme Review: Conclusion

If you’re looking for a WordPress theme with the best options and that is worth your time learning, then you should give OceanWP a try. As we’ve seen in this article, OceanWP comes with many innovative options that are carefully designed to fit well with other parts of a WordPress theme.

For the average do-it-yourself WordPress site owner, OceanWP offers a very responsive customer support system allowing you to get your questions answered in a timely manner. In a world of poor online support, this is a really good deal and the reason to try it out. My recommendation would be to try the free version out and then jump into the premium one.

As always, I hope that this overview was helpful. If you found this OceanWP WordPress theme review to be helpful please feel free to share it with others. Also, be sure to checkout our other theme reviews while you’re here if you’re still undecided.

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