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Beaver Builder Review

There is little doubt about the popularity of Beaver Builder, a page builder that uses the WordPress format to create the platform for content on websites. The sheer popularity of this program is usually enough for many to get it right away, but in this Beaver Builder review you will learn about what it is about, what it can do, the advantages and disadvantages of the program, and whether it is right for you.

Beaver Builder

What is Beaver Builder?

Put simply, this is a website content builder that uses a drag-and drop system to make it easy for anyone to build content into their website. With Beaver Builder, you can create customized pages and posts and then drop them into place on a pre-selected template or canvas.

There is no coding involved and the program itself is designed for those who have little to no experience in building web pages. So, you do not need to know about HTML. Although, the more you know about building web pages, the more likely you are to use another program.

Beaver Builder HTML5

There is a free and a paid version of Beaver Builder available. You can look at to see if this program is right for the website content that you want to create. The objective of Beaver Builder is to provide those with little to no experience in building website content a means to do so without a learning curve. While at the same time providing a feature-rich program that provides many ways to augment your content just like more complicated page builder products.

Installing Beaver Builder

Please follow the short video below if you want to get started with installing Beaver Builder. This video was created by the Beaver Builder team.

The objective behind this Beaver Builder theme review is to show whether its ease-of-use is its only attribute. After all, being easy to use does not mean that it is the best plugin for your needs. One nice aspect about this theme is that you can demo it for free from their website. This may be the best opportunity for you to check out what it can do and see if it is right for your needs. You can do the following from the list below with Beaver Builder.

  • Edit pages and posts
  • Arrange text, images, and graphics
  • Create layouts that are column based
  • Incorporate it with your current WordPress theme
  • Use over 30 Pre-made templates

Beaver Builder Templates

Target Audience: Basically, this program is for those who want to manage their own sites and create content without having to hire a designer. Additionally, those who are interested in creating sites for clients, such as designers and developers will also find Beaver Builder handy.


There are three paid packages along with the free version. The free or Lite version is exactly that, a great way to learn about Beaver Builder without having to make an investment. The three paid versions are the listed below.

  • Standard: $99
  • Pro: $199
  • Agency: $399

All three can be used on an unlimited number of websites. This alone is a positive aspect of this program that many premium themes do not allow. The Standard version includes the page builder, premium modules and templates, and support for one year. The Pro version adds the Beaver Builder Theme, along with multi-site capabilities. The Agency adds multi-site network settings and white labeling.

One of the more interesting aspects of this page builder is the Beaver Builder Theme. The theme is only available on the Pro and Agency packages. In this Beaver Builder theme review, we’ll look at what this feature is all about.

The Beaver Builder Theme

Essentially, this is a theme that provides you with a wide range of predetermined styles. You can build your site quickly without having to shop around. One of the more trying aspects in building an eCommerce site is finding the right theme that works for your industry while still separating your site from the competition.

Beaver Builder starts by giving you several options to create your overall design. You can choose from the drop down menu to select the type you want to start. While the differences are rather slight, this step is really designed to provide an overall feel for your site or web page. Next, you go back to the panel and select settings for your layout. This lets you choose between a full-width version or a boxed or standard version.

Now, you can set the background color, which includes body text and headings typography. Now that you have created the basis for your site, the next steps include customizing the header, creating more options for your content such as the overall layout, settings for the footer, and for those with some experience in creating website, the ability to add CSS or JavaScript code, along with codes for the body and footer along with head sections for HTML.


The Beaver Builder Theme provides pre-defined templates. This allows you to spend less time looking around for themes from other sources. This does not guarantee that the template you want will be there. However, it does provide an additional resource that is ready and available right away. Templates were created to get users up and running quickly with Beaver Builder. Therefore, you get the features that you want without being overloaded with items that you don’t.

Beaver Builder Template Examples

The idea behind the theme is that you get exactly what you need without going overboard. This can be a real advantage for those who otherwise might get lost in a myriad of choices that have little to no impact on what they want to create. You can try out the Beaver Builder Theme for free from their website.

Beaver Builder Pros

There are a considerable number of advantages in choosing Beaver Builder, whether you are starting out or have several sites under your belt.

Beaver Builder Theme: As noted in the Beaver Builder theme review, this is perfect for those who want to reshape their site from the start. This is also perfect for those who have been struggling with creating a website. It’s quite easy thanks to the customization and intuitive format that the Beaver Builder Theme provides.

Arguably the greatest selling point found in this Beaver Builder theme review is how easy it is to use. There is really no learning curve as you can start from scratch and go through step-by-step the process of creating your content. Just download and you are off and running. For most who have struggled with similar products before, you’ll find this aspect to be particularly delightful.

Modules and Rows

Modules are a big part of Beaver Builder, like most builders these days. There are different settings such as Basic, Media, and more. These modules make it easy to add aspects to your website quickly. Normally this would take much longer to add these options, or they would require plugins to add specific features for something like a slider for example.

Beaver Builder Modules

Outside of module options, rows are also easily customizable in Beaver Builder. The rows allow you to pick the overall look of the sections. As you can see below you’re able to get up to 6 different rows. Other options include making left and right sidebar type rows.

Beaver Builder Rows

Excellent Builder: The drag-and-drop support feature is quite good. It allows you to work on your site with ease. This combined with the intuitive nature of the Beaver Builder makes life easier for new users. Add to this the editing which is front-end, so you can make changes and create what you want quickly, and you have an excellent, easy-to-use product that lets you see the final results right away. Saving and editing modules is also very easy to do with these simple options.

Beaver Builder Options

Beaver Builder Editing Options

Visually Impressive: You can augment your content through a variety of features that lets you create a unique look that is as appealing as you want. This is a great way for those who are just starting to set themselves apart from the competition by creating a new, exciting look for their content. The fact that it is easy to do means you can make the changes you want at your convenience.

Beaver Builder Cons

Like every WordPress builder we review there are some shortcomings. Before you make your decision about this product, it is important to be aware of them.

The price of Beaver Builder is on the high end. When considering the renewal fees and competition it is borderline reasonable. There are four versions of the Beaver Builder. The free light builder is great for getting started. However, the lowest priced version is the Standard and for $99. In my opinion it’s a bit overpriced. I base this on the free and paid Elementor options as well as Divi and Brizy all being cheaper.

Beaver Builder Pricing

The other two versions add more features, but the Pro at $199 and Agency at $399 may be a little too expensive. This is especially true of the Agency version which only adds white labeling for $200 more than the Pro. The Standard version is arguably good enough for most people who already have their own sites. The Pro version with the Beaver Builder Theme is the best choice for those just getting started.

Beaver Builder and Other Themes

The Beaver Builder also works well with almost any other WordPress theme. One theme in particular that I use often is the Astra theme. These versatile themes have been created to work well with the Beaver Builder. In fact, it has a Beaver Builder option built right into the theme itself!

Beaver Builder and Astra

The Astra theme allows you to choose to use the Beaver Builder when purchasing it. Astra also has starter sites built into it as well. This is a great combination to have as it allows for almost unlimited customization. The starter sites within Astra can also decrease the amount of time it takes to create a beautiful website. Therefore, if you do not want to opt into the Beaver Builder theme plans this might work well for you.

Beaver Builder Review: Final Thoughts

We believe that the beaver builder is a great option overall. In reality, we recommend checking out each of the page builders in our reviews. We realize that not all builders are created equally, and not all builders are a perfect fit for everyone.

With that being said, Beaver Builder is a reliable, and solid choice for your first builder.

My rating of Beaver Builder is an 8.5 out of 10 stars.

Have you used Beaver Builder before? If you have, or are currently using Beaver Builder we’d love to hear your own Beaver Builder review below in the comments section. Your Beaver Builder review could be helpful for others looking to dive in.

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