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Brizy Review: Introduction

WordPress drag and drop page builders are nothing new. Generally, beginners and people who want to build pages without coding love them. They bridge WordPress with other builders like Wix, Squarespace, and Weebly. They are popular because they give the best of both worlds. In this Brizy review we’ll tell you about the new kid on the block.

Divi, Elementor, Beaver Builder and others have helped to build thousands of websites. They are still awesome, but, there is a new kid on the block showing a lot of promise — Brizy.

In this Brizy review, we will break down this popular WordPress builder, giving you an overview of its biggest strengths and weaknesses. By the time you finish reading this piece, you will know if Brizy is the right solution for your site. Let’s go!

Brizy Builder Review

Brizy Review: What is the Brizy Builder?

The Brizy builder is a WordPress page builder plugin. The plugin is created and developed by ThemeFuse. You may know them for some of their themes, such as The Core, Spring or Be Theme if you’re familiar with WordPress themes.

But now, we present their new builder plugin called Brizy. You can find it in the WordPress store, and you can use it with any theme, not just those provided by ThemeFuse.

Drag & Drop page builders are a popular solution as they allow you to create beautiful and functional pages, without coding. Because of that, beginners love them. But, even WordPress veterans benefit from them, as they simplify the process.

Brizy bravely entered a very saturated page builder market with names like Divi, Elementor and Beaver Builder dominating the scene. In fact, now that Gutenberg is a part of the WordPress core, it is so hard to establish your place among the giants.

However, Brizy is managing to do just that. Read on to find out why.

Minimal, Modern, Fast

In the process of making our Brizy review, we noticed that it is a mix of features of other two popular builders — Divi and Elementor. We like to think of this as the “don’t fix it if it ain’t broken” approach. But, it has a unique way of adding and editing elements with the minimal use of sidebars and pop-ups. It is much more intuitive than most other page builders out there.

Brizy - Fast and Easy

What makes Brizy unique is that it doesn’t overwhelm users with too many options right from the get-go. Yes, it does allow customization, but at first everything is simple and clean. Because of this, Brizy doesn’t have a steep learning curve, unlike most of its competition.

This is a What You See Is What You Get builder. This means you don’t have to switch between the WordPress dashboard and refresh pages to see how everything will look for site visitors. Additionally, we can automatically save all the changes to the cloud along the way, and you don’t have to press “Publish” every single time you make even the slightest tweak. Each of these little time savers really add up over time.

Brizy tries to stay out of your way as much as possible, offering a modern, clean clutter-free environment. You will rarely feel confused when using this great builder, and that is by far its biggest strength.

On top of that, everything you create through this builder is mobile-friendly, and fully responsive no matter what screen size someone is using. You can live preview everything through the sidebar, in desktop, mobile, and tablet mode.

Brizy Desktop or Mobile View

How Brizy Works

The ease of use Brizy offers right from the start is what makes it different. Once you install it, you will see big pink “Edit With Brizy” button on top of your page edit mode. Click it, and it will send you to the Brizy builder.

Brizy uses premade blocks that you can easily add to your page, and customize to your liking. This approach simplifies and speeds up things, which is exactly what a basic user wants.

By loading layouts, you will get the skeleton of your page in a matter of seconds. You can edit them later, by adding or removing elements, or by re-positioning them via drag & drop.

Make Changes Right On The Spot

You can also fine-tune the elements, changing images, text, typography. This is typical in most powerful WordPress builders these days. However, in the Brizy builder all of this is done inline. You will rarely have to go to the sidebar to edit things. This is so unlike many other page builders, and it makes Brizy really stand out. Your focus will remain on the page most of the time. You will not have to switch back and forth between sidebars, popups, and the sections you want to edit like with other builders often force you to do.

Adding Elements in Brizy

The interface is minimalistic, which is awesome if you ask us. You will see only the most essential information, and everything else only after you hover over or click on elements.


Everything is very intuitive, and even complete beginners will find things exactly where they would expect them to be. The minimal and elegant design only has “Add Elements”, “Reorder Blocks” and “Styling” options on top. As this is a newer builder this could change over time. On the bottom of the siderbar it displays a mobile preview and page settings. Everything else can be found under the “Menu” bars.

    Reorder Blocks in Brizy    Styling with BrizyBrizy Built in Options

Beginner-friendly, But Good For Professionals Too

Because of all this, Brizy is more similar to Weebly and Wix, than to regular WordPress experience, even with Gutenberg.

This approach suits beginners perfectly, and especially people who are not interested in customizing every pixel of every page. It is great for those who want something simple, that works almost straight out of the box.

Still, this doesn’t mean that Brizy restricts you from fine-tuning. On the contrary, all of the advanced options are still there. The minimal interface doesn’t hide them, it just tries to keep them out of your way, until you actually need them.

Brizy Templates

Brizy calls its templates “Blocks” which is a bit confusing, especially for people who use Gutenberg, where blocks equals elements. In all honesty we wish they had maybe chosen something different for the wording. To be fair, they may have already been calling them blocks prior to Gutenberg ever announcing them.Brizy Blocks

Template Categories

Brizy’s blocks are actually templates, and there are over 150 of them at this time. You can load any in just two clicks, and later edit the content to the tiniest of details.

Browsing through templates is very easy. If you know exactly what you want to add, you can directly type it in the search box. Or if you are not sure, you can browse through 14 categories.

Currently the categories include things like:

  • Pricing
  • Galleries
  • Testimonials
  • Contact
  • Forms
  • Call-To-Action, etc.

Brizy Categories

On top of that, all templates are available both in Dark and Light variants, which is a quick way to match Breezy with your current WordPress theme. But, you can later change colors of each block, and each element individually. You can also duplicate blocks in a single click. All of these options help speedup the overall design process.

Editing Elements in Brizy

You can edit each part of the block individually, and you can also add elements to it, by choosing the “add elements” option from the sidebar.

There you can find all the popular ones such as Text Blocks, Images, Slideshows, Buttons, Icons and more. You can also add sidebars, menu, or shortcodes. You would just need to drag and drop elements into the template and start editing it.

Save Custom Templates & Use Global Blocks

For easier access, you can save your custom templates, and you can even create global blocks, which allow you to apply changes on the whole site, just by editing one block. Again, another huge time-saver!

Brizy Global Settings

Brizy templates make the site building effortless. And although it seems like only the beginners benefit from this, this page builder is something even professional developers can use. Brizy is simple to use, but that doesn’t mean it lacks flexibility. You can quickly add templates, but you can later fine-tune them as much as you want.

And the fact that Brizy allows saving custom templates, but also using global blocks, makes it very appealing to pros. And let’s face it, keeping things simple is always welcome, no matter how skilled you are. The Brizy builder does exactly that.

Brizy Pro Review

Brizy is free, but it also has a Pro version, which is now in beta. It will expand the already great feature list with premium templates, dynamic content customization, custom forms, and more awesome options.

It will also have third-party integrations with popular services like MailChimp, Unsplash, SalesForce, and more. It will include a popup builder, that will give you options to create custom banners and calls-to-action, helping your conversions.

Developers will like the “Role Manager” which will limit what your clients can modify. This prevents them from ruining the website structure you’ve created for them and calling you for help every five minutes. I’m sure many of us designers have been through this at least once before. White label is also interesting for professionals, as it allows you to present the whole site without any Brizy branding.

Brizy Pricing

Brizy Pro has three options:

  • 1 year for 1 site – $49​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
  • 1 year for unlimited websites – $99
  • Lifetime for unlimited websites – $299

The limited lifetime version is the best value, especially for professionals. It gives you the opportunity to get
full support and updates on an unlimited number of sites, forever.

Brizy Pricing

But, this is a limited offer, only available as a pre-purchase. When Brizy Pro goes out of beta, Lifetime will no longer be available. By purchasing this limited time offer of a lifetime membership you are in a way investing in the future of the builder. Because of your investment early on in its life cycle you’re getting a deal no one else will get.

Brizy is not cheap, especially when compared to Divi, which gives you access to the whole Elegant Themes database for only $249. But, because it has such a unique way of building pages, it is well worth considering, even with tough competition.

If you are interested in Brizy, we suggest you try out the free plugin and if you like it a lot to buy Brizy PRO while it is still in beta offering a lifetime option. The Lifetime deal will save you a lot of money in the long run just as Divi does without having recurring costs for lifetime members. And the great thing is that if you don’t like, it has a 30-day money-back guarantee. This is common among the best builders, and it means that you have nothing to lose when searching for the best builder for you.

Brizy Review: Conclusion

To conclude this Brizy review I’d like to say that it’s a bit difficult to give it a true rating. This is mostly due to the fact that the pro version is currently in beta right now. When pro officially launches and has been through a few updates we should have a much better idea of what it is truly capable of.

Personally, we expect the Brizy builder to perform well once the final release occurs based on its current free version. Because of where it is right now, and the potential it has to greatly improve we reserve the right to update this post over time!

If you’re interested in purchasing the Brizy Builder you can pick it up with the button below.

At This Time my Rating is 9 out of 10 Stars

I hope that you’ve found this Brizzy review to be helpful when learning more about this powerful new WordPress builder! Have you purchased the Brizy builder? If so we’d love yo hear your own Brizy review comments below.

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