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How To Setup A Form With The WPForms Plugin

Web forms or forms are the most common elements we interact with on a website. For many visitors, filling out a form is quick and easy, especially if they can request for more information without leaving behind personal contacts. It’s the perfect engagement and when you use it correctly it can have a positive impact on your business. However, not all forms are created equal. In this article we’ll look at setting up WPForms on your WordPress website. Then we’ll cover how to set up a form with the WPforms plugin.

WPForms is a fairly new WordPress forms plugin. There are other plugins that have been around longer such as Contact Form 7. However, WPForms has outdone many plugins because of all the features that you have access to by default. Before we dive in I should mention WPForms has a premium version as well.

WPForms allows you to create a number of different types of forms, such as contact forms, payment forms, subscription forms, feedback forms and user forms. This eliminates the need for multiple form plugins on your website.

Installing WPForms

First, log in to your WordPress admin and head over to Plugins -> Add New. On the search bar in the top right area, type in ‘WPForms’ (without the quotes) and hit enter. The page loads with search results. Find WPForms, which should be the first item. Click to install the plugin then click the button again to activate it. When you do that you’re ready to create your first form with WPForms.

WPForms Install

First Form

On the next page, you’ll be presented with a welcome message. Below the message you’ll see a button labeled ‘Create Your First Form’. Click on that button.

WPForms Create Your First Form

Select A Template

Next, you’ll select a template for your form. WPForms comes with a number of templates to help you quickly create specific types of forms. For our case, let’s choose Blank Form.

WPForms Select A Template

Select Fields

Next, we need to add fields to our form. WPForms has a very intuitive interface that employs drag-and-drop functionality. Drag a field from the left column and drop it in the middle area. When you do so you’ll see options to give this field a name. Do this a few times and give it descriptive names like Full Name, Email Address, etc.

WPForms Select Fields

General Settings

Next, we’ll customize form settings. Click on the Settings tab on the left navigation menu. The General Settings tab opens up. Here you can enter the name of the form, change the form’s submit button label and add some styling CSS code.

WPForms General Settings

Notification Settings

The notifications section allows you to customize how you’d like to receive form submission notifications. Here’s what you need to do here:

First, choose On from the dropdown to turn off notifications.

Next, enter the email address where you’d like the notifications sent. Give the email a subject and from name and you’ll be good to go here.

WPForms Notifications

Confirmation Settings

Confirmations are a way to tell the user filling the form that they submitted the form successfully.

There are 3 types of confirmations:

  •     Message – this will display a message to the user,
  •     Show page – allows you to redirect users to a page on your website
  •     Go to URL – redirects the user to another URL other than the one they’re on. This can be any URL and not limited to the page on your site

WPForms Confirmations

Save Your Work

At this point you’re done. On the top right part of the page, click on the Save button to store all the form settings.

WPForms Save

Add Form To Page

Visit a page you’d like to add this form to and you’ll see the Add Form button next to the media button. Click on the Add Form button and a pop up will appear to allow you to choose the form you just created. Click to add form to page then save your page. Check how your form looks by visiting the page from the front-side of your website.


WPForms makes it easy to set up a form so you can collect user information. Take a moment to set it up on your website following the guide presented here. 

I hope that this short walkthrough was helpful for learning how to setup a form with the WPforms plugin. Be sure to check out my other WordPress how to articles.

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