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WordPress Resources

The goal of this WordPress resources page is to give you a list of some valuable tools. These WordPress resources will include things like builders, hosting providers, themes. I will likely add additional categories later on. Let’s dive into the resources below!

WordPress Hosting

There are many great WordPress hosting providers out there. However, there are 5 that I think stand out from the pack. To be fully transparent, some of the more premium hosting companies like WPEngine, FlyWheel, and Kinsta I have never tried. This is why they can’t be on this list for me. However, they could be worth checking out if you don’t mind paying a little more.

SiteGround Hosting  SiteGround

SiteGround is easily one of the best Hosting providers in the world today. In fact, I did a full SiteGround review if you want to learn more about them. Overall, they’re the first host that I would recommend for anyone starting their first website online today.

A2Hosting  A2Hosting

For me the 2nd-5th spots for my recommended WordPress resources for hosting was tough. Therefore, these are more or less a random order for these ones. I chose A2Hosting primarily due to their website speed more than anything else. To learn more about them check out my full A2Hosting review.

BlueHost  BlueHost

BlueHost is a giant within the hosting industry. They’ve been around since 1996, making them ancient compared to most hosting providers. I did a full BlueHost review about what they offer. Overall they’d probably be one of the  I’d recommend people to try out in terms of hosting providers.

Hostinger Hosting  Hostinger

Hostinger is an interesting host. They’re the cheapest of all the hosts that I’ve reviewed. You can check the full Hostinger review out if you’d like. They have great support, solid speeds, and affordable plans with solid uptime. This makes them hard to beat, and a must have in my top 5 hosts.

HostPapa  HostPapa

I’ll admit, before testing out HostPapa I didn’t think they’d be great. I was very surprised by just how good they were. When I tried their plans they finished near the top in uptime, speed, and they had good support. If you’re interested in learning more check out my HostPapa review post.

WordPress Builders

In this section I’ll discuss WordPress Builders. WordPress page builders have grown in popularity over the years. I have an entire post dedicated to WordPress Builders that you can check out. I don’t want to repeat the whole list again here so I’ll just cover my top three.

Elementor  Elementor

Now, people get pretty worked up over which WordPress builder is the best. I’ll be honest with you and say that a lot of it comes down to preference. I personally ranked Elementor high due to the fact that they seem to be doing much more on the development side, and doing it at a much faster rate than their competitors. If you want to learn more about Elementor check out my Elementor pro review.

Divi Builder  Divi

Divi was the first builder that I really enjoyed using when it first came out. I’ve been using it for many years. I still build websites with it, and honestly feel more comfortable using it than any other WordPress builder. However, it is a little bit bloated feeling at times. Overall, I highly recommend it, and you can learn more about why in my Divi review.

Brizy  Brizy

Brizy might be one WordPress builder that you have never heard of before. Therefore, it might be a surprise to you that it’s on this list. If that’s the case be sure to check out my Brizy review to learn more about it. It’s the newest of these builders on the block, and I feel like it will be one of the more popular WordPress builders in the near future.

WordPress Themes

What WordPress resources list would be complete without recommending some WordPress themes? It’s always going to be debatable which themes are the best out there. Again, this comes down to personal preference. However, the best thing about them is that you can usually get an idea of which one you like for free.

Astra  Astra

If you’ve read a few of the WordPress builder posts on this site you may have noticed that I mentioned Astra from time to time. This is because Astra is awesome. Astra easily allows you to incorporate various builders with their theme. Additionally, they offer a free version you can try out. This free version comes with Astra starter sites, which help you to start websites quickly and easily.

OceanWP  OceanWP

OceanWP comes in just behind Astra on my list. In fact, you can’t really go wrong with either option. The two options are very similar as they work well with various builders and have free theme options.

Elegant Themes  Divi

Now Divi is a little different than the other themes as it has a built in builder. The theme is part of the ElegantThemes club, and contains other themes and plugins in their membership as well. You get a ton of value with their membership, but Divi is the crown jewell.

GeneratePress  GeneratePress

GeneratePress might be the most lightweight, and clean theme on this list. Like OceanWP and Astra it also has a free option you can install right within the WordPress theme directory. It’s certainly worth checking out if you’re trying to make a clean looking blog.

Foodica  Foodica

This one is likely the least known of these on this list. However, the Foodica theme is a theme that I previously used on this website. If you are a blogger and like the look it could be the theme for you. I ended up changing over to Astra as it has more options though.

Free Resources

There are honestly too many great free WordPress resources to list out there. Therefore, I’ve decided to narrow these down to three of my favorites that I’m always using. I hope you check out the tools below for yourself!

Design EvoDesign Evo

Design Evo is an awesome logo maker. It comes with a free to use option as well as two paid options. When using the free option you need to make sure to give credit for the work. To be fully transparent, each of the images you’re seeing on this page I made with Design Evo in a matter of minutes. It’s a great tool that I highly recommend checking out for yourself!



In some ways Canva is similar to the above mentioned Design Evo. The biggest differences between each of these programs is that Canva has more pre-made designs. Canva also has pre-made layout sizes to build on for various social media images. This can be a big time saver when it comes to the design process. You can make a lot of great free designs with this tool.



Unsplash is another free tool that I often use. They offer beautiful images that are free to use. When putting together mock websites for clients I tend to go here first when searching for a beautiful placeholder. Additionally, they have a wide variety of images that is hard to beat. My only suggestion would be to re-size them after you download them as they’re usually huge files.

Do you use any of the WordPress resources that I’ve mentioned in this post? If you do please feel free to share your experience in your own WordPress resources review below!

For full disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. These links give me a commission at no additional cost to you if you decide to purchase any of the resources that I have recommended above. If you purchase through my links I greatly appreciate it! You are helping support this site and the time I’ve put in generating this content.

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2 thoughts on “WordPress Resources: 16 Tools Worth Knowing About”

  1. I use Astra theme and yes, it is awesome. I didn’t start out with it but when I learned that it easily allows you to incorporate various builders and also come with a free version one can try out, I wasted no time in trying it out. It’s even more interesting that the Astra starter sites can help you to start websites quickly and easily which saves you extra time.

  2. Canva should have been the first one. Since I got to know about it, I no longer have a need for Photoshop and other photo editing software. I mean, I could design one image and it would serve as the one I’ll use across all social media because Canva lets me resize them in just a click. Not to mention that the templates are all there and it will even help you understand the different sizes for all platforms.


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