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WordPress Builders

Within this WordPress builders post I’ll cover various page builders. Each of these page builders I have personally tried out myself at some time or another. The best part is that you can try many of them to some extent for free.

I’ll be putting each WordPress builder in the order that I believe is the best overall to the worst overall. Granted, there are other less popular builders out there. The ones that I’m covering in particular are the more well-known builders.

I have written posts about most of these builders on this site. Please check out their corresponding links if you want to learn more about them. These descriptions are more of a summary of each builder and what I like and dislike about each of them. Additionally, I’ve added in short videos about each builder to help further explain how each of them works. Without further ado, let’s dive into this WordPress builders breakdown!


Elementor tops my list as the best current builder. To learn more about it you can read my full Elementor pro review. There are many reasons why Elementor is the highest on my list. One of the top reasons is the continuous innovation the Elementor team has had over the years. I realize that each of these builders have improved over time. However, the speed of the massive leaps in development that Elementor has taken is what I’m most impressed by.

As far as the actual builder goes, I love how light weight it is. I personally am more comfortable using the Divi builder at this time. However, the logic behind how Elementor works makes more sense in many aspects. I recommend trying the free Elementor plugin before deciding on an upgrade to pro to find out if it’s for you.


At a close second Divi trails Elementor as the top builder for WordPress users. If you want to read more check out my Divi review here. Part of why I put Divi as second is directly related to the development I mentioned about with Elementor. Divi has been around much longer than Elementor. However, Divi just hasn’t grown at the same rapid rate. With that being said, Divi is a great builder.

Personally, I love that Divi offers a lifetime plan. This is a huge benefit when comparing it to other builders. I realize this won’t matter much if you are a freelance designer getting lots of business, or if you’re running a big agency. The benefit of not having a recurring yearly fee like many other builders helps the average Joe just starting out. It also unlocks all of the future developments by the Elegant Themes team at no additional cost to you. That’s hard to beat! You can try out this popular WordPress builder for free on their site.


At third place on the list is one of the newest WordPress builders, Brizy. My Brizy review breaks down why I really like this up and coming builder. What I love about Brizy is the ease of use within their builder. It feels like a combination of Divi and Elementor. In fact, I think they used them as inspiration considering they’re newer to the market.

Early adopters of Brizy were given a chance to get a lifetime plan, but they will move into a recurring model similar to how Elementor is currently setup. If you’re unfamiliar with this builder now is the time to play with it for free.


Themify is another solid builder that makes our top WordPress builders list. Check out the full Themify review here. Themify has been around for a long time, and they’ve made some big improvements. Again, Themify could be higher on this list just like Beaver Builder. These things really end up coming down to personal preference.

I find Themify to be similar to Elegant Themes and Divi in a way. This is because like the Elegant Themes team, they have one amazing theme that really stands out. For them the theme that truly stands out is Ultra. I recommend trying it out for yourself!

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is another solid builder that’s very easy to use. I have a full Beaver Builder review for those looking to see what makes them different. Beaver Builder could easily be higher up on this list over. It’s an established builder, and has a solid team behind it.

I personally love their template library and how easy they make it to get started. I do think their prices are on the high end though when compared to other builders, but still could be worth a look.

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect may be the most interesting builder on this list. I say this because they could easily be number one on this list if you’re very business focused. To find out more of why I say this check out my Thrive Architect review. I personally think Elementor took their elements design straight from Thrive Architect. Therefore, you know it’s a nicely functioning builder.

I also love the large number of templates that they have available. At the time of this writing it’s 274 and counting. It’s totally worth checking out, especially if your site is very business or conversion oriented.


At the time of this article I have not written an in depth article about SiteOrigin. Like most builders, SiteOrigin focuses on grid based page content. The page builder is widget focused for the building blocks. These blocks can be resized to fit your specifications. Another feature that they offer is the history browser that allows you to go back to previous edits.

SiteOrigin can work with any WordPress theme. I think it’s a good builder overall, but with the WordPress 5.0 release that has a built in builder I don’t feel like this builder adds enough to put it higher on the list. You can get it for free through the WordPress plugin directory.

Customise your SiteOrigin Pagebuilder powered sites with more Widget Options from Jeffrey Carandang on Vimeo.


Currently we do not have a WPBakery review up, but we plan to add one soon. WPBakery is a very popular builder. It is formally known as the visual composer.

As you can tell I like a lot of builders more than WPBakery. However, it may be the one I’m the least experienced with from this entire list. I have only used it to make sites twice before, and I honestly found it to be a bit too clunky for my liking. I was able to get the job done, but at times the logic behind things had me scratching my head. At the time of this writing it costs $45 per site license for WPBakery.

WordPress Builders: Final Thoughts

In the world of WordPress there are more builders not listed here. I chose these to cover as they are the most popular ones. As I mentioned earlier each builder is based on personal preference. In reality, all of these builders are absolutely fine to start building a site with. The best thing to do is experiment with the free versions and try them out for yourself. Additionally, most WordPress builders come with a money back guarantee period. It’s worth trying out and taking advantage of.

Do you think that this list is completely wrong? Do you have a different order in which you’d rank these WordPress builders? I’d love to hear your own WordPress builder reviews and thoughts below in the comments section!

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2 thoughts on “WordPress Builders Ranked From Best to Worst”

  1. Elementor will keep staying high due to their continuous innovation. They are really doing much more on the development side and doing it at a much faster rate than their competitors. They capitalized on some competitors’ weakness and came with better options. I think this is exactly why a lot of people embraced them immediately they told us what they had to offer.

  2. I don’t really know about themify. Used them on a friend’s laptop to help fix something and it looked easy but there were some things that didn’t go well with me. I think Divi still remains the best for me because of its many features that make it a lot easier for people to work with; which is also time-saving.


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