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Themify Review

In this Themify review article, we will talk about the Themify Builder. It is one of the most popular drag & drop builders out there, competing with Beaver, Divi, Elementor, Brizy and Thrive Architect.

Our Themify builder review will explain why this builder might be a good option for your website, what makes it unique, and it will give you an overlook of its key features and pricing. We will also mention some of the popular Themify themes. These themes all come with the builder pre-installed.

In short, by the time you finish reading this Themify review, you will have all the ingredients needed to decide whether or not Themify Builder is the choice for you. So read on!

Themify Builder Review

What is the Themify Builder

Themify is a drag & drop WordPress page builder developed by Themify. They are a well-known name within in the WordPress community. It is both a standalone (free) plugin and a part of all Themify themes.

Themify developers, as the name of the company suggests, specialize in creating WordPress themes. Most of their themes are awesome—Simple, Music, Elegant, to name a few—but one of them stands out from the crowd, and that is Ultra. It is their most popular product, and one of the best WordPress themes out there. We will discuss their themes and pricing plans separately, in the sections below.

All Themify themes are based on their drag & drop editor. The builder is the backbone of every Themify website. This is the reason why people like this company, as it makes site building super easy, which we will cover in more detail in the next part of the Themify review. And while all drag & drop builders make the site creation straightforward, Themify is one of the easiest to use out of them all, making it especially attractive to complete beginners.

The good news is that you can use Themify builder with other themes as well. You can also try it for completely free. Just download the free Themify Builder Lite from the official WordPress market, and see how you like it. You can also upgrade the features through premium add-ons, but more on that in the Pricing section of this article.

How Does the Themify Builder Work?

Drag & Drop

Themify is a drag & drop builder. These builders allow even non-technical users to build terrific looking sites, without any code. Divi, Elementor, Beaver, Thrive Architect, Brizy are just some of the examples of drag and drop builders. Even WordPress has one at its core, at least if you have the latest, 5.0 version, and it’s Gutenberg. Themify separates itself from the competition by allowing total customization, while retaining the simplicity and always staying beginner-friendly.

Themify Builder

Front/Back-end Editing

Themify is a great choice because it allows users to create both in the backend and frontend. This approach allows you to fine-tune changes in the backend, but also design everything in a WYSIWYG way, without the need to double check how it all looks to the end user. This is made possible by Themify Live Preview feature. The live preview lets you instantaneously see any changes you make.

Although there is no inline editing (you do it inside popups), Themify shines on the frontend. The “web” of blocks it creates allows a tremendous amount of freedom and customization. Plus, with the frontend editor, you get the live preview, making the whole process streamlined. You can use the backend editor where neccesary, but in our opinion, the frontend is what makes Themify special.

Intuitive Experience

Themify further simplified the already user-friendly drag & drop site building. The whole builder is intuitive, and you will rarely have to dig through options in order to find a setting that is buried in menus. Everything is exactly where you would expect it to be, and we love it.

Themify builder lets you duplicate the content you create. Additionally, you can copy and paste it to other pages, saving you time and energy. All of this is further enhanced with simple undo/redo commands, which you can use for testing different options. And if you ever need data from other computers, you can use the Import/Export feature to easily get everything you need on your new site.

Simple Structure

To keep things arranged, the Themify Builder lays out the elements into rows & columns. The rows and columns can be reorganized to your liking. Creating nested rows gives you a lot of flexibility. Through this system you can create a really complex layout without writing a line of your own HTML and CSS.

Also, Themify has its own system of reusable elements called “Layout parts”. When you create these and add them to your pages, you no longer have to worry about updating every single one. Simply change one Layout Part, and all other pages that have it will get the update at the same time.

Changing up anything through Themify is not a problem. You can fine-tune every element to your needs. You can change colors, (Google) fonts, row overlays, parallax scrolling, as well as slider and video backgrounds.  Implementing custom code is there too, something advanced developers will like to hear.

Mobile and Google ready code (as long as you use it)

And the best of all, everything you create inside Themify is fully mobile responsive. You don’t have to worry about switching between devices, double checking that your changes look good on smaller screens.

Lastly, Themify uses SEO-friendly code, modular-based and has caching. Caching allows it to work fast, and to be recognized by search engines.

Unfortunately, this is only true if you continue using Themify builder. If you decide to switch to another one, you are likely to find some scattered shortcodes throughout your content. We have to note that Themify does deliver very clean code.

Themify Review of Pre-made Layouts

Rows & Columns For Building From Scratch

Themify Builder uses the old-school horizontal rows and vertical columns approach. This keeps things organized, and simple to edit. You can create an unlimited number of rows on your page, dividing them into columns to meet your needs. And if you know exactly what you want, building a site from a blank canvas using Themify Builder is fairly easy.

Dozens Of Customizable Pre-Made Designs

This Themify review would not be complete if we didn’t mention the pre-made designs. To make things super-fast and easy from the get go, Themify has 40+ designs. You can choose one of their pre-made layouts, and fully customize it with your content. These are categorized, making browsing much easier. Each layout also has self-explanatory names—Profile, Restaurant, Gym, App, etc. Most look excellent, straight out of the box, and you won’t need too much customization to make them fit your site theme.

Themify Pre-designed Layouts

After loading a pre-made layout, you can add more elements, or delete existing ones, replacing them with others from the rich library of content modules. There you will find all the elements you may need. Elements range from traditional ones like text blocks and images, calls to action, widget sidebars, sliders, videos and other multimedia. You can also insert widgets from other plugins into Themify Builder layouts.

You can then further customize each of the modules through their own settings. Changing animations, backgrounds, fonts, and also editing layout widths and gutter space are just some of the things you can adjust to make your site unique. The animation section is especially interesting, and has tons of options to make each of the site elements stand out.

Although Themify is a drag & drop page builder, that doesn’t mean code is not allowed. You can enter your custom CSS, applying changes globally, or just for the section you plan to edit.

Themify Themes

The Themify Builder is a great standalone plugin, but it functions best within a Themify theme. If you decide to buy one of them (or all, which we will discuss later), you will get the builder integrated into them, and you won’t need to download it separately.


Ultra is the most powerful Themify theme. If you plan to purchase only one theme, this is your best option. With Ultra, you can create any kind of website you want. It has pre-made skins that let you load demo content, supercharging the building process and letting you create a fully functional and responsive website within minutes. And with more than 60 pre-designed layouts, creating any kind of site is a breeze.

Ultra Theme


Try Other Themes From The Themify Website

But, if you have a niche website, you can choose Themify themes that are meant for specific purposes. All themes are grouped up, and easy to browse through.

Themify has themes for every purpose. Examples are the following.

  • Blog
  • Magazine
  • Restaurant
  • E-Commerce
  • Corporate

You can try out their themes without installing anything on your site, by visiting Themify Themes Demo pages

They also have a number of completely free WordPress themes, with Simple being the best one. If you are on a budget, or you are not sure that Themify is the right choice for you, we suggest that you install one of their free themes and see for yourself.

Themify Pricing

How much you will have to pay for Themify Builder depends on various factors. For example, if you opt just for the plugin itself it will be less. However, the plugin + addons, or Themify themes will end up costing you more money.

Themify Prices

Themify Lite – A Free Solution To Introduce You To The Themify World

As we mentioned above, Themify (Lite) is a free plugin. In our opinion, that is the best place to start. Download and install it, and see how it works for you. If the interface is your cup of tea, you can decide to upgrade to premium options.

Themify Builder Premium Add-ons

Themify Builder has a lot of add-ons, which you can get by purchasing their add-on bundle for $39. This is really a bargain, especially considering that you get to keep the installed add-ons forever. By forever we mean even if you decide to cancel your subscription. You won’t get any future updates or support though, which is a key aspect to be aware of.

The add-ons pack extends the already long feature list with 25+ advanced add-ons. Some of these add-ons include the following.

  • WooCommerce items
  • Contact forms
  • Sliders
  • Pricing tables
  • Maps
  • A/B image testing
  • Slideshows and more!​​​​​​​

When you unlock these features you can really make your site stand out.

Many of the more advanced features we have mentioned above, such as Custom CSS, reusable layout parts, and custom backgrounds are unlocked through add-ons. Considering the price, this add-on pack is a great deal. It will put your site functionality to a different level.

Get Themify Theme(s)

The third option is to get one of the Themify themes. If you want to get only one, we suggest Ultra. Ultra is their most powerful, and most flexible solution. A single theme license will cost you $59 per year. But, if you really want to get the best value, a Themify Master Club licence is the ultimate solution.

Themify Master Club

Themify Master Club Features

For $89 per year you will get unlimited access to all of their 42 themes, 12 plugins and all 25 builder add-ons. But, if you are sure that Themify is the solution for all of your webites, getting a Lifetime Club Membership for $249 is your best bet.

Neck and Neck With Competition

The lifetime membership is comparable to the one Elegant Themes offers. Elegant Themes offers almost the same exact structure with their featured theme being Divi. You can learn more about it in our full Divi review.Which one you choose is a matter of personal preference. We always recommend trying the free versions before deciding what’s best.

Still, if you decide to buy Themify, don’t worry, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Their guarantee gives you more than enough time to test the waters.

A Themify Con:

In the end every builder has some kind of cons. For Themify the lack of community built into their platform is a sore spot. The reason we mention this is because they are not very active online. Recently, they began creating YouTube tutorial type videos again, but they are really lagging behind. New users want to learn the ropes and follow visual tutorials. Themify simply does not have the vast amount of tutorial related content online like Divi and Elementor do.

We hope to see Themify start to post tutorial videos regularly and get out there more within the WordPress community. This would not only help their marketing efforts, but also help their current users.

Themify Review: Conclusion

Would we recommend this builder? Yes, we’d recommend at least checking out the free version and trying it for yourself. We personally tried it and have opted to use other builders over it. However, this was largely due to our comfort level with other builders.

Our Final Rating of Themify is a 8.5 out of 10 stars.


We hope that this Themify review was helpful. Have you tried, or do you use Themify? We’d love to hear your own Themify review in the comments below!


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