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How to Add Click-to-Call Buttons in WordPress

As more and more people browse your website on their smartphones, it’s important for them to contact you directly. Nowadays people are not as patient as they used to be. When someone is ready to make a purchase or has a question, it’s very helpful for them to have an option to call you directly from your website. This is why we’re covering how to add click-to-call buttons in WordPress. They allow you to accomplish this so more people can get in touch with you. In this article I’ll take you step by step in setting up your website with the click-to-call button feature.

Get The Right Plugin For Your Site

WordPress plugins make it easy to add functionality to your WordPress website without messing with code. This is a great option for adding a click-to-call button to your website but is not the only one. You can add the click-to-call feature without a plugin but you’ll need to work with code to get it to work right for your website. We’ll look at the plugin option because it’ll meet the needs of over 80% of readers.

Install & Activate Call Now Button Plugin

The first step is to download and activate the Call Now Button plugin. You can easily do this from your WordPress dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New. Type in the search field ‘Call Now Button’ (without the quotes) and you’ll see the plugin displayed. Click on the Install Now button, then Activate button. At this point you’re ready to customize the plugin for your website.

How to add Click to Call Buttons in WordPress Plugin

Enable Call Button

Head over to Settings -> Call Now Button. The click-to-call button is not active yet. Here, you’d need to do the following:

Click on the first checkbox to enable the call button. This will enable the display of the call button on the front side of your website.

Enabling the Call Button

Set your full phone number, including area code.

Set the button text for the call button and optionally (I don’t recommend this) hide the phone icon. Try to keep your button text short and sweet and make sure it fits in the button. It’s recommended that you only enter up to 15 characters.

At this point you’re ready to test this new feature. If you have a caching plugin installed such as W3 Total Cache then you need to clear your cache according your plugin’s instructions. This will help you be able to see the very latest changes.

Hopefully you’ve been able to successfully test the click-to-call button and have made a call. If you’ve run into any issues please review the section above to see what you may have missed. If the button is not showing up completely, clear the cache on your mobile browser. Reload your browser then visit your website to test the button.

Advanced Settings

Next, we’ll go through the advanced settings to further customize the click-to-button feature. Back on the plugin’s settings page, click on the Advanced Settings link next to the blue Save Changes button. Below are settings that you can change to further customize your click-to-call button.

Call Button Advanced Settings

Button color: pick the color of the button to match the color scheme of your website

Position: this setting only works if you didn’t enter text for button text field above.

Click tracking: this allows you to track button clicks through Google Analytics as behavior events. If you select it then give it about 24 hours to see any results. In my opinion this is one of the most important metrics. It not only allows you to see how many people are clicking on your call button, but it can also help you discover issues where you’re not getting calls.

Limit Appearance: this option allows you to limit the display of the click-to-call button to specific pages or posts by their IDs or exclude certain pages and/or posts by the IDs respectively.

Button Size: adjust the size of the button as it appears to the end user. You should play around with this setting to make sure the button doesn’t hide other important elements on the page.

Order: this setting has to do with how the button displays in relation to other elements on the page. By default the button sits on top of all the elements on the site. If you have to adjust it’s stacking to accommodate other elements such as chat boxes then you can adjust this feature.

Make sure you store all your settings by clicking on the Save Changes button. After saving these changes, clear browser cache and test the feature on your mobile site again.

How to Add Click-to-Call Buttons in WordPress: Conclusion

Thank you for sticking around to the end. At this point you should have a working click-to-call button and soon you’ll be getting calls from potential customers and clients. I hope that this short how to add click to call buttons in WordPress tutorial was helpful.

If you find yourself still having issues it is best to reach out to the plugin development team. Also, if you’re interested in more WordPress how to posts check out our How To page.


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