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Facebook Comment Plugin For WordPress

Facebook has evolved from just a place to keep track of friends to a serious business tool that you can leverage on your website. Facebook comments is one of the ways you can tap into the power of this huge social media network.

While blog comments are great to have because they show engagement, managing comments and fending off spam can be a huge challenge. That’s why using Facebook comments to power your comments section can be a smart move. A few reasons you may want to use Facebook for your WordPress comments section include:

  • Cut down on spam comments that may be submitted by bots,
  • Since users are logging in with their Facebook accounts, you get more authentic engagement,
  • Facebook comments make your blog load faster as opposed to having all comments on your own site

Lazy Social Comments Plugin

In this article, we’ll use Lazy Social Comments plugin to set up Facebook comments on our WordPress blog. We need to install and activate it before we can use it. Go over to your WordPress dashboard and find Plugins -> Add New. Use the search box on the top right to enter the phrase Lazy FB Comments and hit enter. On the results presented from your search, click on the Install button as shown below, then click Activate. You’re now ready to use this plugin.

Lazy Social Comments Plugin

Set up Facebook App

Now that the plugin is ready, let’s head on to Settings -> Lazy Social Comments to customize our plugin. One thing you’ll need to do is set up a Facebook App. It sounds more complicated than it is. Just follow the link and instructions on the screen. When done, come back to this settings page and enter your Facebook Application ID. Save your work by clicking the Save button at the bottom of the page.  

Facebook Developers

Moderating Comments

The last half of getting Facebook comments to work on your WordPress website is knowing how to moderate comments. Since you created a Facebook app, Facebook will notify you every time you get a comment. To access the link to comment moderation, go to your Lazy FB Comments and click on the Moderate comments button.

Facebook allows you to set up some parameters to help you better manage comments. For example you get to set maximum characters for a comment and a time period to auto-close a thread. This way, you limit the cleanup you have to do after the fact.

Lastly, you can add other people as comment moderators. Click on the moderators’ tab to see this feature.

Moderation Rules


Thank you for following along. I hope that you enjoyed this walk through on a great Facebook comment plugin for WordPress. You’re now all set to accept comments through Facebook. Take some time and implement the steps on this article and let me know your experience. Also, be sure to check out our most recent articles on our home page.

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