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Best Free WordPress Live Chat Plugin

Live chat technology has revolutionized websites in terms of being responsive to the needs of visitors flocking online. Instead of waiting for a response from the website owner, one can now get answers to their questions within just minutes. If you operate a business website or eCommerce, having the capability to chat with potential customers can lead to faster closing and sales.  Today I’ll be covering Tidio, which I believe is currently the best free WordPress live chat plugin on the market.

Live chat applications can cost as much as a few hundred dollars just to have them on your site, but the WordPress platform offers a number of great options in the form of plugins that you can take advantage of.  To get such a powerful plugin for free really shows why it’s an easy option for those in need of a live chat option. Let’s dive into why!

Overview of Tidio Live Chat

Tidio Live Chat is a WordPress plugin that leverages the use of chatbots and allows you to offer live chat on your WordPress website easily. The fact that it combines live chat and chatbot makes it the best of both worlds because it gives you the added advantage of giving your customers answers when you’re not available. Other top features include:

  • Captures analytics of who visited your website,
  • A dedicated app for mobile so you can respond wherever you are,
  • Integration with other tools such as MailChimp, Zendesk, and SalesForce
  • Offline form to capture users’ inquiries

Installing Tidio

Now that we’ve looked at why you should have Tidio Live Chat, let’s go ahead and install it on your WordPress website. Head on to your WordPress admin area and find Plugins -> Add New. On the search bar on the top right, enter the phrase Tidio Live Chat and hit enter. You should see results after a short moment. Click on the click button on Tidio Live Chat as shown below, then click to activate it.

Tidio Live Chat Plugin

Create Account

Next, find Tidio Live Chat tab on the left navigation tab and click to open it. On the screen that appears, you’ll be asked to create an account. Go ahead and register with Tidio. When you complete registration, come back to your Tidio settings tab and log in with the account information you just created.

Tidio Account Creation

Configure Live Chat

After you log in, you’ll be directed through configuring your specific live chat box, including the name and avatar/photo that visitors to your website will see. Follow the setup wizard and in the end, you’ll be given code to paste back into your site.

Premium Tidio Live Chat

Like I mentioned at the beginning, Tidio plugin is free to use but there is also a paid upgrade. With a paid upgrade you get a lot more features that may be useful for your specific websites. Here are the top paid features:

  • Know what pages a visitor has been to and what page they’re currently on,
  • See when visitors are live on your site,
  • Set up chatbots to reply when you’re not around or are busy


Adding a live chat plugin to your WordPress website is a great move as it helps you respond to your visitors quickly and this could lead to getting more business. Add live chat functionality using this handy plugin and see for yourself how much you could be missing.

If you enjoyed this post on the best free WordPress live chat plugin feel free to check out more how to WordPress tutorials on the site. I’ sure you’ll enjoy them as well!

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