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InVideo Review: Learn How To Easily Create Marketing Videos


It’s 2019 people, and the time of text-only pages is long gone. In fact, having images is no longer enough, today it is all about videos (and podcasts if I’m honest). In this InVideo review article, I will present you with why their app is the perfect solution.

It lets you make great looking videos for your marketing campaign, create Instagram videos, or to make your blog more engaging. You’ll learn more about the software, and why it may become your go-to option for creating marketing videos. Let’s go!

What is InVideo?

InVideo lets you create videos that look great with ease. In particular, they’re great for presentations, marketing campaigns, and similar promotional purposes. This service makes it very easy to create informative videos because they have a rich library of templates to build off of. With over a million videos, audio samples, and photos you can make some amazing videos.

To be clear, this is not a video editor you can use to start your YouTube vlogging career, or shoot weddings. Think of InVideo as “alive” infographics. It’s worth noting that InVideo lets you create videos 2-10 minutes long, depending on the plan you pick. These videos can be used for YouTube, but the creation process is different.

InVideo Site

The app is intuitive and yet very powerful. It gives even those of you who are not technically inclined the needed tools to get creative and make beautiful videos. These short, but powerful videos can explain your products and services.

InVideo has more than 100 templates and counting, which makes it very beginner-friendly. You can also start by browsing the categories, and you can find something that fits your needs. Everything from there is customizable, and you can add/remove elements to your liking. You can add text boxes, stickers, your own photos, videos, anything you like.

InVideo Features

This is a unique service, and I haven’t used anything quite like it before. It is perfect when you want to create something that looks excellent, but you don’t want to waste a whole day on it. The only drawback is that it can only be used in Google Chrome at this time. Considering that it has a free plan, every person who is creating a marketing campaign should try InVideo.

Creating Storyteller videos

Up to this point you may have been wondering why this post is on a WordPress site? This is because InVideo is perfect for adding a short video that will go along with your blog post. We’ll dive into that more within this section.

InVideo Storyteller videos are perfect to go along your blog posts, listicles, and other longer-form content. You can use them as a video resume of the post, or as a quick presentation of the products mentioned. This can come in handy when trying to keep people on your website. By doing this your going to see improvements in SEO due to increased dwell time.

The interface guides you through the process, simplifying the filtering for you. You can pick stock videos and/or images from the free library. After doing that you can write text into bubbles and boxes, and edit the timing and images until you’re happy. You can also upload your own videos and images as well.

The interface and the process are so intuitive that it’s enjoyable. It may take you a little time to get used to it. That’s why I’ve created a youtube video about the entire process that you can watch below.¬†Once you get used to the layout you’ll be cranking out beautiful videos. That’s one of the themes for the InVideo team, and I love it because of that.

Setting up a Video

If you don’t have time to watch my video above I’ll do my best to break down the steps here.

First, select a template from the library, and the format (16:9, 1:1, 9:16). After that you go to the script page, where you will fill in the text, or copy the article link, if you want the video to go with a blog post.

The software is smart, and it will recognize lines. It will provide you with a video “skeleton,” which you can immediately change. Here you will probably want to remove “scenes,” that they pre-populate, especially if you have imported a long article. This is because it needs to fit within the time limit of your package. Longer articles tend to need a lot of scenes as well.

The next part is where you get to edit the “scenes” based on the loaded script. This is the most fun part, as you select images, audio, and videos from the library. You then can play around with the content, creating your unique video.

After that you can preview each “scene” separately, or as a whole, which is very convenient. Of course, you can select how long each scene will stay on the screen. This is great for scenes that have more words and require more time to read.

Under “Advanced editing,” you have numerous options. Here you can add bubbles, stickers, text, social elements, icons, logos, animations, and more! All of these can be added with the built in drag & drop system.

Adding your own voice is also available in a click of a button. This very convenient for adding a touch of personality to your videos. If you want to get a professional voice over you can upload one here as well.

Creating Quick videos

Quick videos are shorter and are meant to be shared on Instagram, LinkedIn, or other social media platforms. They are also an excellent option for creating ads, or similar videos that go straight to the point.

There are also several categories to choose from when it comes to Quick Videos. Promo Videos, Video Ads, Instagram Videos, Product Videos, Bumper Ads, and more. Depending on your choice, InVideo will give you a different UI, easing the process.

The process is somewhat similar to Storyteller videos, at least in terms how intuitive it is. But of course, expect it to be even easier, as you won’t need to load any blog content. The whole point of this is more conversions, staying short, sweet, and effective.

Most of the templates are made from a few images, audio, and text. The whole point here is to be as powerful in as little time possible. The templates are really good, and you only need to personalize them a bit for your needs in most cases. Considering how huge Instagram stories are now, and how short our attention span is getting, it seems like Quick Videos are the perfect fit.

InVideo Support

InVideo is continually expanding its feature set. I can freely say that you feel appreciated as their customer. They are not one of those companies that vanish once they take your money.

The quality of their support shows that too. You can expect them to answer in the shortest time possible. They also have an amazing Facebook group, and listen to user feedback. They are patient, polite, and look forward to answering any questions.

InVideo Facebook Group

The service is still quite new, but it is going in the right direction. You can tell this simply by the number of features they continually add. Additionally, you can see it by the quality of their support.

InVideo Coupon Code

What’s great about InVideo is that it has a free plan, that is great for testing the waters. With it, you can create videos up to two minutes long, that will have InVideo branding displayed.

There are currently three tiers of premium plans that expand the features. The most premium plan lets you create videos up to 10 minutes long, remove InVideo logo from them and add your own brand presets. You will also be able to use more templates, and a richer media library, and to create videos in 1080p.

The prices of their premium plans are fair, at least when compared to competitors and the number of features you get. However, I’m about to make them even better. With my code jmibck, you will get a huge discount. This will make the already great service even more awesome, so try InVideo today.

InVideo Review: Conclusion

I hope that you found this InVideo review to be helpful. It’s honestly hard to write out the step by step process of using this app. I think if you have time to watch the video above it might be more beneficial. Either way, feel free to let me know what you think about InVideo in the comments below. If you’re interested in other marketing tool reviews head over to my product reviews page. Lastly, thanks for taking the time to read my InVideo review!

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